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Promoting Self Health

Setting standards for care - We offer women comprehensive information about health issues and treatments, empowering them to make decisions for their ownhealth care. Once a woman has experienced this type of care, we believe she will expect the same standard of care from all health care providers for herself, her friends, and her family. In this way, we help make all health care providers more responsiveness to the needs of their clients, and therefore elevate universal standards of care.

Self-cervical and self-breast exams - We promote regular self-exams as a tool for learning and monitoring what is normal and healthy. While this does not replace the need for routine exams from a health care provider, it is another way women can take responsibility for their own health.

In our abortion and gynecology services we promote patient rights. This includes being totally informed of medical diagnosis, procedures, possible complications, and aftercare; medications and their side effects; the right to read and copy all medical records; the right to confidentiality; the right to have a patient advocate; the right, in short, to become an intelligent participant in your own health care by having all questions answered in language you can understand.

Emma Goldman Clinic's position as a leader in the women's health movement is alegacy we strive to carry forward. This means advocating for women's health care needs from the exam room to Capitol Hill.

We acknowledge that women are capable of understanding and evaluating information about their own bodies and health. Women belong at the center of decision-making for their health care. For this reason, we strive to promote clients rights through all of our services. These rights include:

  • Complete and accurate information about diagnosis, procedures, and possible complications
  • Information about medications and side effects
  • Access to all medical records
  • Confidentiality
  • A patient advocate or support person
  • Non-judgmental health care

Every woman has the right to become an informed participant in her own health care. We want women to be empowered by the information they gain, and through the choices they make.