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"Which hard exercises can cause abortion?"-Shafa, India

"How long does it take for the ring to work? Should I be using a backup method as well?"-Jay, Cincinnati, OH

"I just had an abortion and I bleed for about a week but I still feel pregnant is there a possibility that I could still have a full term pregnancy." -Anonymous

"I ran out of birth control for this month and I'm curious what will happen to my period, will it be late? I have been on Lo Overal for about a year." -Anonymous

"I'm pregnant and am not sure who the father is. I know both possible dates of conception, but they are less than a week apart. I've heard that prenatal paternity tests can be potentially harmful, painful, and expensive. Is this true? If so, is there a technology that can tell me the exact date of conception?"-Anonymous

"I had a abortion a year ago and I am pregnant again well I wanted to know if anything can go wrong with this pregnancy because I had a abortion before."-Ashley

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