Help Out

Monetary donations are essential to guarantee the survival of the Emma Goldman Clinic. With the generosity of our supporters we are able to ensure women receive quality, nonjudgmental health care for years to come.

Here are six ways to make a monetary contribution:

Click here to use your credit card to donate right now! We now process all of our contributions through our Network For Good account. Please consider making a monthly donation, as it makes a big difference in budgeting our expenses.


What we’re doing:
The Emma Goldman Clinic is asking for your support against picketers. These people use tactics such as verbal harassment, misinformation, and graphically misleading photographs to intimidate clients and staff. In response, the clinic has the Pledge-A-Picketer campaign to help the community reaffirm their commitment to women’s rights and turn the picketer’s negative energy into positive community support for the clinic.

Let them work for us!

Money collected from the Pledge-A-Picketer campaign will be used to subsidize abortions for low-income women—making the picketers’ presence work towards increasing women’s access to reproductive choice, rather than limiting it. We also inform picketers that a contribution resulting from their presence at the Clinic will go towards helping women obtain abortion services!

How it works:
The Emma Goldman Clinic staff keeps a monthly record of the number of people who have picketed the clinic. Pledge-A-Picketer participants make pledges based on the number of anti-Choice picketers that show up each month. For example, if you pledge $1 per picketer and 10 people picket the clinic in May, your pledge total would equal $10. You choose the amount of money, length of pledge, and maximum amount of picketers you will pledge.The Emma Goldman Clinic averages about 70 protesters per month (sometimes less).

To join the Pledge-A-Picketer campaign, you can go here or you can print out the form and mail/fax/email it to the clinic. If you have any questions about this campaign you can call the clinic at 319-337-2112 and ask for Jennifer.

To donate by fax or mail, please print the Pledge Form (PDF format) and submit it to the address on the form.
Fax: (319) 337-2754


Use homepage and choose the Emma Goldman Clinic as your favorite cause. Search the Internet just like you normally would and revenue will be donated to the clinic.

When you designate us as your charity, .05% of your purchases will be donated to the clinic. Sign up here!

ANNUAL GIVING (Operating Expenses)
These donations aid the clinic with daily needs. They are often exhausted as soon as they are received. The operating expenses also incorporate the Emma Goldman Clinic's deProsse Access Fund. The deProsse Access fund provides a sliding fee scale to women who demonstrate financial need. Making consistent contributions to our daily operating expenses helps subsidize this fund. Donating in this way ensures that we may continue to provide basic healthcare services to women in need.

An endowment fund is like a donor who never stops giving. This fund, if properly invested and administered, provides the Emma Goldman Clinic with a reliable, steadily growing stream of income forever. Endowment funds tend to be more immune to political or economic influences than liquid assets. It also provides the best way to ensure our future. Gifts to the endowment are generally given in addition to annual gifts. The two forms of giving compliment each other. If you are interested in giving to the Emma Goldman Clinic Endowment, please call the clinic at 319-337-2111. Thank you.