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Affirming health care for individuals with diverse expressions of gender and sexuality.


Transitions Health Care

The Emma Goldman Clinic is committed to providing comprehensive, supportive, individualized health care and health information to individuals with diverse expressions of gender and sexuality. We understand that gender identity exists within a broad spectrum and that transgender people and those with questions about gender identity may have unique needs that require experienced and supportive health care providers and services. The Emma Goldman Clinic is committed to meeting those unique needs.

Transitions Services at the clinic help to ensure quality informed care for trans-women, trans-men, gender-queer, affirmed men and women, and others who have health care needs unique to gender expressions and identities that may vary from societal imposed expectations.

We are continuing to expand our knowledge base and our programs. We currently have experience with services to FTM, MTF, Non-binary, and intersex clients, offering annual physical exams (including lower and pelvic exams with HPV testing), chest exams (pre and post-surgical), STI screenings, and lab work as needed. Our protocols are designed to reduce barriers to health care for transgender individuals without compromising the quality of services we provide to all clients.


To schedule an appointment for services or for additional information on the program, please contact us, at 319-337-2111 or 800-848-7684 or via confidential email: We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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