Coming to the Clinic

Prior to coming to the clinic, remember to:

  • Bring your payment in cash, traveler's checks, money order, Discover/MasterCard/Visa/American Express.
  • Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Bring your photo ID.
  • Allow plenty of time for travel. Call if you are lost or late or if you wish to cancel or reschedule.
  • Eat lightly.
  • You may bring one support person with you if you like.
  • Bags, Purses, Coats, and Cell Phones are not allowed in the clinic. Please leave them in your car or at home.

There is free parking next to the clinic.

A receptionist will greet you when you enter, take your payment, copy your insurance card and identification, and give you a packet of information and forms to fill out. Laboratory tests will be done on your blood and urine. Hematocrit, Rh factor, and pregnancy tests are routinely checked.

A client advocate will accompany you throughout your stay to give you information and other supportive help. She will consult privately with you to make sure you understand the abortion procedure, aftercare instructions, and possible complications. She will also answer any questions about birth control or other matters. You may wish to include your support person in the consultation. Before your abortion, the client advocate will take your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature and give you a gown. She will stay with you during the abortion to help you relax and to answer any questions you may have.