Information on Non-Surgical Abortions

Women's Resource and Action Center

WRAC is dedicated to fostering women's individual empowerment and systemic solutions to all forms of oppression.

Domestic Violence Intervention Program

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP) exists because battering is the single greatest cause of injury to women. DVIP serves Johnson County and the surrounding area offering a 24 hour crisis line, a safe shelter, counseling, education, and advocacy.

Rape Victim's Advocacy Program

Rape Victim Advocacy Program provides confidential, accessible support and advocacy to victim/survivors of sexual abuse and their partners, friends, and family members, and works to create a community free from sexual violence by providing education and prevention strategies and by promoting social change.

Women in Science and Engineering

The mission of the Women in Science and Engineering Program is to expand and improve educational and professional opportunities for women in all fields of science, technology, engineering and math by facilitating individual, institutional and social change.

Women in Business

Women in Business is the organization of women in the business school of the University of Iowa. Their mission is to build relationships that foster the trust, collective desire, and cooperation necessary to empower women to improve their lives and inspire them to improve the lives of others.

Iowa Women's Foundation

The mission of the Iowa Women's Foundation is to bring about a just society by supporting the empowerment of all women in girls throughout the state of Iowa.

Iowa NOW

The local chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW)