Pro-Choice Resources and Options

This website has exercises to help women sort through their pregnancy options.


Since November 1, 2004, Backline has been providing client-centered pregnancy options discussion and information to women and their loved ones. Backline is dedicated to addressing the broad range of experiences and emotions surrounding pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion. Backline provides a forum in which women and their loved ones can engage in discussion that goes beyond political rhetoric.


Exhale is a post-abortion counseling talkline where people can talk freely about their abortion experience. Exhale serves women who have abortions, and their partners, friends and family. Exhale respects the cultural, social and religious beliefs of all their callers. They also have other resources on their website such as links to other organizations and a list of helpful books.

I'm Not Sorry

This is a site where women can share their positive experiences with abortion.

Abortion Conversation Project

This website encourages people to talk about their abortion experiences in an open and honest way. The people behind the project believe that the real life experiences of providers and women themselves will enable people to understand and appreciate the complex moral decision making surrounding a pregnancy decision.

Choice Link-up is a directory listing for information about reproductive health and rights, including abortion. You will find links to accurate health information, services, pro-choice organizations, rights groups, resources, and discussion sites.

“Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant” -- Promoting Healthy Teen/Parent Communication

This site offers specific suggestions for both young women and men and for their mothers and fathers who are dealing with a pregnancy crisis. It includes advice for teens on telling parents about a pregnancy, considering options, information in case of a rape, and special advice for young male partners. Advice for parents highlights how to respond and improve relationships with daughters and sons. There are sections on minors’ rights and what to do if parents may be abusive, as well as information on spirituality, real stories, and additional resources.