STI's From Oral Sex

Is it true that you can get STIs from oral sex?
Yes! Many people think they do not need to use protection during oral sex, since you cannot become pregnant from it. Herpes, warts, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and others can all be very easily transmitted between partners during oral sex, so you need to protect yourself. When performing in oral sex with a penis, you need to use a condom. When engaging in oral sex on a vagina or an anus you need to use a dental dam.

A dental dam is a sheet of latex or polyurethane that forms a barrier between one partner's mouth and the other partner's vagina or anus. These can be bought as dental dams, but they can sometimes be hard to find, and they are often quite expensive. You can make one yourself out of a condom. Here's how:

Step one picture

Step One

Take a condom (Non-lubricated works best so you don't get all messy during this process), remove it from its package, and unroll it.

Step two picture

Step Two

Cut up the condom lengthwise. Cut off the tip and the band at the bottom. For the best results, use very sharp scissors.

Step three picture

Step Three

Place your new dental dam over the vagina and anus, making sure that the entire area is covered. Like condoms, you cannot reuse a dental dam. Use a new dam for the anus so you don't spread any infections from the anus to the vagina or vice versa. Keep your mouth on the same side of the dam at all times. If you engage in more oral sex, you need to make a new one.

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