What Is It?
Trichimona is a very tiny parasite, slightly larger than a sperm that can cause an infection of the vagina and penis.

How do you get it?
The infection can be passed between sexual partners. It can also rarely be passed in hot tubs, swimming pools, a bathtub that is still wet, and by using a wet or damp washcloth or towel used by someone who was infected.

How Do I Know If I Have It?
There is usually a runny or bubbly yellow-green or gray foul smelling discharge, and a lot of itching and pain or burning on urination. The genitals are often red and sore.

You must go to your health practitioner for the correct diagnosis. They will examine a specimen of the discharge from your vagina or penis under a microscope to look for the parasite.

What Is The Treatment?
The treatment is an antibiotic called Flagyl or metranidazole. It leaves a metallic taste in the mouth and can make you really sick if you drink alcohol while taking the medicine.

Your partner(s) need to be treated at the same time so you do not reinfect each other.

If left untreated men will develop prostate problems, and women will have heavy, uncomfortable discharge and an increased risk of PID
How Can I Protect Myself And My Partner From This Infection?
Use of condoms with every act of sexual contact is the best protection. Cleaning bathtubs before use and now sharing washcloths and towels also help if you live with others.

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